Enjoy looking through the pictures that tell the story of our vacation  in Florida. 


During the first week of 
vacation we spent time with 
Rose's family in Sarasota, FL.  
One of the highlights was 
to go get ice cream at Big Olaf.  
It is really good ice cream!


 We spent a lot of time playing shuffleboard behind the house that we rented.  On Christmas Day we had a tournament.  The "trophy" was an old disk that was broken earlier in the week. (We did replace the disks).  Clint and 7 year old Mackenzie were the Champions!

We went to the beach a couple times.  The last time we went we were going to go back to Siesta Key but it was so full we couldn't find a parking spot.  So we went to Turtle Beach, which wasn't as good but it was better than ice and snow up north!Last spring we met Paul & Meghan Schulte at a Professional Wheelchair Basketball tournament in Wisconsin.  They live in Florida so we hooked up with them and were blessed to be able to connect with them more.  They are a tremendous blessing to our family!  Check out Paul's website on our Favorite Links page.On the last day of vacation with the Lehman family we took a picture of Rose's parents with all the grandkids.
The second week of vacation we spent doing other things. We spent one day at Disney.  It was a beautiful day at the park.More fun at Disney...We didn't know that the castle could look so pretty in so many different colors.  It was fun to see what color was coming up next.
We spent 2 days with Clint's cousin Wayne and his family in Cape Coral (Ft Myers).  We really enjoy spending time with them.Wayne and Michelle live on a canal and have fishing right off of their pier.  John Michael thought it would be fun, but he quickly got bored with it.The kids were excited to be able to record a song in Cousin Wayne's recording studio!  It took hours to record one song!  What an experience for them.
Clint took the kids out on the boat for awhile.  Each of the kids got a turn to steer the boat.  Fun!On New Year's Day we went swimming at a friend's house.  The kids had a ball with their cousins Emma & Rachel.More fishing ... Anna and Clint each caught at snapper for dinner.  Yummy!  Ben simply enjoyed himself and then got bored.  Wayne added drama to catching a catfish... that got thrown back in the water. :)
New Year's Eve! ... There was karaoke, homemade onion rings and snapper by Wayne, sloppy joes by Michelle and pretzel salad by a friend, and a game of dice.  It was a fun night.

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