The Parent's Version

Where do we start?  Telling our story can be a little complicated…


Clint grew up in the country in Centreville, MI.  He is the youngest of 3 boys.  He is grateful for having parents who loved him unconditionally and taught him how to love God and live by His standards. 


Clint had been married for over 12 years, long story short, the marriage ended in divorce in 2004.  It was not by his choice, but none the less, it happened and somehow God in his grace and mercy carried Clint through it all.  Clint has 2 children from that marriage, Michael and Anna.


Rose grew up in LaGrange County, IN.  She grew up on a dairy farm, which is a great thing.  She is one of 5 kids (3 boys and 2 girls).  She also grew up with parents who loved her unconditionally and brought her up in a Christian home. 


Rose was married for over 9 years when her husband, John, died in a car accident in July 2004.  They had 3 children together, John Michael, Benjamin and Rebekah.  The family was on the way to Rose’s parents house when it happened.  John died instantly (I’m grateful that he didn’t suffer), Rose had multiple injuries (6 fractured ribs, broken sternum, airbag burns on her face, 6 fractures in her right foot, 3 fractures in her left foot, and covered in bruises), John Michael has a spinal cord injury at T12, Benjamin had a broken collar bone, and Rebekah only had bruises from her car seat shoulder straps. 


As a result of the accident, Rose spent 4 days in the hospital.  Benjamin was in overnight and Rebekah was treated and released.  John Michael was flown to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, where he stayed for 10 days and then was transferred to Methodist Hospital for rehab for 8 weeks. 


While in the hospital, Rose had many visitors.  She had so many that she needed to be transferred to a larger room!  It got to a point of needing to have her sister monitor how many visitors could be in the room.  After being in the hospital for a few days, she was asked if a guy named Clint Schwartz could come to pray with her.  She remembered seeing this guy at church but had never met him but knew that he was part of the leadership at church.  She agreed that it was ok … how do you say no to prayer?  Clint walked in the room and it was like they had always known each other.  They even had some time alone to talk through the loss of John and funeral arrangements that were being made.  He prayed with her, specifically for her feet, and she felt tingling in both feet.  She believes that God was moving bones back in to place for proper healing.  It was a quick visit and he left.


For the next few months Clint was finding some closure and healing from the divorce.  During this time Rose was trying to find her way through life and grief.  She spent weekends in Indianapolis with John Michael and weekdays with Ben and Rebekah.  It took 8 weeks for her body to heal and to be able to move out of her parents’ home and back into her own home. 


Loooong story short, Clint and Rose connected again a few months later because of her computer breaking down.  Since Clint was an IT guy, someone suggested that Rose ask him to fix it.  He did and the relationship took off from there. 


Clint surprised Rose with a trip to the Rose Bowl in California on New Year’s Day.  Having Michigan playing in the game was a big incentive!  He proposed to her on the beach. 


Plans started being made for a May wedding.  In the meantime, they were building a home that would be wheelchair accessible.  Imagine building a home, planning a wedding, adjusting to a new life all at the same time!  It was quite a year for Clint, Rose and the kids!! 


They were married on May 21, 2005.  Being a step-family isn’t an easy thing by any means.  There are many challenges and rewards that come with it, but God is good and He has so much grace for us!  

Since being married, Clint has quit his job as IT Director at Memorial Hospital and is now one of the full-time pastors at The Vineyard Church.  He loves his job and doing ministry!  Rose ultimately loves being a wife and mom but also enjoys volunteering at the church and at Covenant Christian School. 

The Kid’s Version...


There once was a 35 year old man who was lovable, who needed a wife.  Very lovable.  And then there was a 36 year old woman who needed a husband.  It was love at first sight.  On Rose, the woman’s side… she had 3 kids:  John Michael, Ben and Rebekah.  On Clint, the man’s side… he had 2 kids:  Michael and Anna.  And they started to plan on getting married.  Wait a minute, what happened to Hacienda (at Scottsdale Mall)?  At Hacienda we had a fun time bouncing balls down the escalator and going into restricted areas.  It was the first family fun night before we were a family.


A few days later we went to Rose’s house for dinner.  She made macaroni & cheese and hot dogs.  Rebekah liked it, but she didn’t like Clint’s macaroni & cheese.   


Then we started going to each other’s house for dinner.  Then we played Michael’s GameCube.  It was fun and fantastic.  Ben liked it very much. 


We started spending more time together and getting to know each other better.  And then a few months later Clint and Rose went to the Rose Bowl to get engaged. 


Then we started building a house.  It turned out well.  One time while the house was being built, Bekah lost her shoe in the mud.  We would roll down the dirt hills. 


Clint and Rose got married on May 21st (on Melissa’s birthday), went on their honeymoon and moved into their new house.


And lived happily ever after. 


What do you like about … ?



Ben – He’s a good dad.

Anna – He’s the best dad ever.

Rose – He’s a wonderful man.

Michael - He’s good at teaching us stuff.

John Michael – He’s good at teaching me sports stuff.

Bekah – He is the nicest dad.



Bekah – She’s the best mom ever.

Ben – She’s good at tucking me in and praying for me.

Clint – She’s incredibly beautiful.

Anna – She’s the best cook ever.

Michael – She’s a very good stepmom.

John Michael – She’s the nicest mom ever.



Ben - He’s funny.

Anna - He’s social.

Clint - He’s huggable, lovable.

Rose - He’s a good singer.

John Michael - He’s very smart.

Bekah - He’s very special.

John Michael

Michael - He’s a good athlete.

Anna - He’s a good guitar player.

Ben - He’s fast in his wheelchair.

Bekah - He’s the nicest brother.

Clint - He’s determined.

Rose - He’s very talented and gifted.



Ben - She’s good at puzzles.

Bekah - She’s the nicest sister I ever met.

Michael - She’s a good bass player.

Clint - She’s good at softball

John Michael - She’s my bff.

Rose - She’s becoming a good cook.



Rose - He has a soft heart.

Clint - He is hilarious.

Anna - He makes funny faces.

Michael - He always has a funny comment.

Bekah - He’s very talented.

John Michael - He’s goofy.



Anna – She’s the best little sister ever.

Michael – She’s getting to be good on the keyboard.

Clint – She’s so sweet.

Rose – She’s my Princess.

John Michael – She’s my baby sister.

Ben – She’s a good little sister.



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